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What We Do

AIDER has been working in India for the last past 10 years, committed towards sustainable development, social justice, eradication of poverty and welfare of socially and economically underprivileged section of textile industry.  We have two branches in the Delhi NCR , registered with 2549 homeworkers and more than 10,000 outreach. We mostly focus on the area of health, education, employment with their multiple comprehensive programmes. AIDER works for the betterment and up-gradation of the livelihood of people from the garment industry


AIDER symbolizes ‘helping hands’, the hands which come to the refuge of innocent souls on the verge of desperate suffering. AIDER epitomizes the need of serving the society with a selfless heart. We work for the empowerment of impoverished children and woman, because they both happen to be the most vulnerable sections of the society.  Unfortunately, this vulnerability causes them to face exploitation at the hands of those who wield power and wealth.

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