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Medical Camps


“ The eyes are the mirror of the soul”

Our eyes open up a wonderful world of colours and brightness to us. Without them, there is just darkness and all the beauty around us just fades into nothingness. It  is the necessity the need to take proper care of our eyesight so as to avoid the problems of declining vision and maintaining a healthy sight throughout our lives. AIDER, in association with Shroff Eye Care, organized an eye camp and information seminar in May 2016. The camp proved to be immensely beneficial for little kids and families of Garment workers. 84 patients got cataract operation at shroff eye care.


“A healthy outside starts from the inside”

The food we eat acts as an essential building block of our overall health and well -being. A balanced diet ensures that our body is getting all the required Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals to grow into a fully nourished and healthy adult.

Absence of proper and balanced nutrition can lead to malnutrition, stunted growth and many other nutrition related disorders. Therefore, it’s essential to spread awareness about the same.For this purpose, AIDER organizes Nutrition Camp and Medical Camp on the same day, so as to sensitize children and home workers about the importance of healthy eating habits.

In the recent camp organized at our Badarpur centre, Dr Praveen lectured and counselled the patients. He told about the benefits of hygiene and mentioned the utility and necessity of Vitamins and Minerals. Our head cook made nutritious khichdi which was tremendously delicious. Cooking is not just a daily routine here but also an artistic gesture. Dine is a sign of health and shine. We all are part of this phenomenal health campaign. All the home workers and children had khichdi and were shown a new meal experience. Every healthy meal paves the way for a healthy body and a healthy mind, which leads into holistic development of a person.


“Let the world sparkle with your smile!”

Dental health and dental hygiene is imperative for our health. There are many dental caries that can infect our teeth if there isn’t proper monitoring of their cleanliness. AIDER recognizes the importance of dental health and therefore we conduct ‘Dental Camps every month for our students and our home workers. Dr Praveen, an Orthodontist, is on Aider’s panel. He always helps our homeworkers and poor children in every dental camp..

Doctor Parvin, gives excellent training to our staff. Teachers and other support staff are the first respondents when a child faces any kind of medical problem. So we provide them proper training  to equip them to deal with sudden medical emergencies. These Dental camps and medical training sessions are organized in the Badarpur centre regularly. Children and home workers are properly diagnosed for any potential dental issues. If they have any issues then medicines are prescribed for the same. All the patients are provided prescription medicines for free. Our aim is to provide essential medical care to the underprivileged ones.


The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, dry cough, and tiredness.

Aider NGO took an appreciable initiative and kept a camp to get done the tests of Covid-19. The test got done at our centre.  The children, who have been facing cold, cough or fever, went for this test. A little step can save many lives.

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