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Vision & Mission

Our mission is to help these desolate souls, to emancipate them from the shambles of poverty and illiteracy, and uplifting them to be joyful, healthy and productive citizens of our great country. We are working on Women Empowerment in general and specifically for Home workers.

As a part of our Aider Next project, we have a Play School, one Computer Centre, Tuition Centre and a Tailoring Unit in Badarpur. Here, children are imparted valuable skills and knowledge without any fees or charges. AIDER also provides breakfast, fruits, biscuits and lunch to all children of play school. We believe in honing these little bundles of joy with love and proper nutrition.

We have another centre for Worker’s resource and facilitation centre & Worker’s voice help desk at Kapashera New Delhi . This  initiative possesses a great value to expand harmonious relationship between employers and workers.

Women Café Meet: We have formulated “Mahila Chaupal Sabha” i.e. Women Café meet, conduct its meeting every Sunday. So far, we have come across grievances which are related to domestic violence, liquor addiction in male family members and inappropriate behaviour of landlords. 

Also, we are distributing ration among RMG workers and by now, we have distributed dry ration kits to the 780 families in the month of December 2020, and during the Covid 4950 families got the dry ration. Which include Wheat flour 10 kg bag & another bag containing 5 kg rice, 2kg sugar,1kg salt, 2 kg multigrain pulses & 2 Pcs Lifebuoy bath soap and1 litre fortune mustered cooking oil. AIDER is actively working for the betterment of the RMG workers and women.

Our Activities


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