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Covid Relief



UNTOLD MISERIES AND BROKEN LIVES Catastrophic pandemic that has wrought havoc on the world’s poor.

As we all know that COVID-19 cases raised in India and done widespread devastation, during the lockdown, vulnerable migrant workers of the textile industry suffered a lot.

The coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns have created suffering and huge problems in each country in the world, but in countries with high levels of poverty and inequality the impact of the pandemic has been catastrophic. It is the fact that half of the world’s population does not have access to basic health care. Millions of migrant workers went back to their remote homes without money, food, or any proper health care. These migrant workers stuck up in city slums suffered severe health problems and acute hunger. Factories, offices, and another establishment had come to a halt.

Sensitizing the problem of these poor migrant workers of the textile industry, Team of AIDER is still working tirelessly to connect and help the vulnerable migrant home-workers and their families. We have distributed Dry Ration kits, Cooked food, Anti- Bacterial chemical treated Face Mask and soaps to the workers . We had organized many community awareness sessions about the Covid-19 in the community during the lockdown & post lockdown. We have distributed dry Ration kits to 4950 families of vulnerable workerin your humanitarian financial contribution. One dry ration kit contains following items, fortune Mustard oil 1 litre, Wheat flour 10 kg bag, each bag containing 5 kg rice, 2kg sugar,1kg salt, 2 kg pulses & 2 Pcs Lifebuoy bath soap and face mask.

We have created actionable and effective community awareness around preventing COVID 19 transmission.

We have also registered the home-workers & migrants for E-Coupons to get the free rations under government schemes.

During this critical situation of a pandemic, few students were depressed because their parents lost their job, or no more source of income for textile homeworkers. We did counselling and motivated them and helped their parents according to their basic requirement. Our team visited to our homeworkers’ places to address their grievances.

Multiple Webinars were conducted by our experienced faculty and Child welfare committee, Delhi Govt. on protection of children from the offences of sexual assault, sexual harassment, while safeguarding the interests of the child (POCSO), coronavirus awareness and career counselling.

  • While in other webinar, POSH/POCSO and child rights were discussed. Awareness was created about the good touch and bad touch. We also discussed about raising voice when inappropriate behaviour is observed.
  • The students were sensitized about the preventive methods of coronavirus and ways to boost immunity. Community awareness on Government Schemes in wake of COVID 19
  • We conducted webinar on career counselling as well, where we discussed the career opportunities in various fields.
  • Aider provided employment to the homeworkers, who lost jobs during and after Covid-19. We placed them in our sewing centre, and they made 11,000 facemasks, PPE kits. We helped to doctors, nurses, and corona warriors to avail them facemasks and PPE kits on free of cost.

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, dry cough, and tiredness.

Aider NGO took an appreciable initiative and kept a camp to get done the tests of Covid-19. The test got done at our centre.  The children, who have been facing cold, cough or fever, went for this test. A little step can save many lives.

We are grateful to Next plc, The Very GROUP ,KappAhl  and Varner Group for the financial assistance to help the vulnerable migrant workers during the covid-19.

Covid test done at AIDER

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