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Every organization working in the public domain needs to abide by the law of the land. Legal Compliance is an essential component for the smooth working of institutions. When it comes to Labor Laws, the importance of compliance is even more essential as it might invite penalties and government control on business. This can hamper the productivity as well as the efficiency of the organization. Government of India has enacted several essential Labor laws to protect and promote the interest of the labor force and prevent their exploitation. Factories need to follow a plethora of such laws.

They are listed as follows:

1) Interstate_Migrant_Workmen_Act_1979 






7)Workmen Compensation_Act_1923




among many others. All these regulations and laws guarantee basic rights to the labour force regarding minimum wages, working hours, health and safety provisions, welfare provisions and workplace equality. The aim of all these laws is not just to build a congenial environment for the workforce but also facilitate friendly relationship between the workers and management. All this is necessary for the overall productivity, growth and profitability of any organization.

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