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ACS build a strategy adapted to your specific challenges, anchored in realistic thinking and supported by clear, actionable targets.

With our in-depth understanding of both workers’ and companies’ needs, we help you build robust ethical trade strategies with clear commercial objectives. We tailor our recommendations to your specific challenges and identify tangible, measurable steps that you can take now and in the future. Importantly, we ensure that the strategy we propose complements your overall sustainability aims.


ACS help you determine where to direct your budget for maximum impact, define how you can best organise your team for success and offer valuable examples of best practice.


    • Through our strategic interactive workshops and trainings
    • Explore the ethical issues in your sourcing countries, informed by our local teams’ on-the-ground knowledge and our extensive research on human rights and socio-economic trends.
    • Brainstorm ideas, help you clarify where you want to be on your ethical trade journey, and advise on how to gain senior level support.
    • Share insights on evolving stakeholder expectations and facilitate stakeholder roundtables.

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