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ACS is working with a number of international brands such as Next Plc, Varner, Marks & Spencer and Superdry and its value chain Garments factories and undertaking impact programs at the workplace and with community of workers and their family members. Some of impactful programme introduction as mentioned here under: –

    • Research project on promoting responsible migration in garment supply chain in both domestic and export markets having participation from government officials, bilateral organisations like British High Commission and Marks and Spencer, experts, skill building agencies, civil society organisations, business representatives beyond and within the garment supply chain including both leading apparel brands and garment manufacturing suppliers
    • Strengthening homeworking project. We have 2549 registered migrant homeworkers in supply chain system at AIDER-NEXT Project, Badarpur, New Delhi
    • Conducting Third party Social Audits
    • Factory Investigation/ Modern Slavery/ Migrant workers.
    • Factory Remediation and Child remediation in Garment Supply Chain
    • Multiple engagement programs for Garments workers
    • Seminars on POSH (Internal complaint committee and social issue)  & Gender equality
    • Technical session for Garments/Textile industries to improve work efficiency from cut to logistic
    • Counselling session for workers/Management
    • Workshops for lower to higher management and workers
    • Presentation/ Public Speaking
    • Behavioural Prerequisites Micro Sessions
    • Techniques for Decision Making
  • Creative thinking in Decision Making



  • Understand your supply base
  • Know your suppliers and their challenges
  • Identify appropriate solutions
  • Prioritise your initiatives, making every action count
  • Create a solutions-oriented programme
  • Achieve a balance between breadth and depth so that you can report positive impacts on the ground. 

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