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There are some 215m child labourers globally,and with the advent of legislation on modern slavery, child labour has moved further into the spotlight. We are a recognised leader in helping working children back into education. ACS help you identify, address and prevent future instances of child labour, creating a brighter future for the child while protecting your reputation.


  • With a keen focus on children’s welfare, we develop an understanding of each child’s needs and aspirations, seek their parents’ view, and develop effective solutions.
  • Partnering with NGOs on the ground, we select appropriate schooling, negotiate financial support and monitor the child’s development over time.
  • Sensitive to the fact that the child may be working to support their family, we strive to relieve pressure on the family’s finances by providing a monthly stipend.


  • In addition to compulsory academic education, we help former child workers fulfil specific aspirations by helping them undertake vocational courses in topics including IT, accounting, childcare, teaching and beauty.
  • We help to prevent child labour by offering assessments and training at site level to help your suppliers verify workers’ ages. Where necessary, we advise on building more effective systems.

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