...sustainable development and eventual welfare of the socially and economically un- and under – privileged section of contemporary developing Indian society. Poor and poverty, no education, unawareness, unemployment and incompetence are the prime and deep rooted causes of social, regional, communal, religious and economical crisis in India.

AIDER – a Brain Child of MR. VIRENDER KUMAR JHA, a high esteemed, well qualified, and profoundly experienced professional, has come forward to the respective rescue with their sincere efforts, superlative zeal and ‘Touch the Sky’ attitude.

AIDER is registered as a non-profit Non-Government Organization under section 60 of the Indian charitable trust act in March 2009 in New Delhi AIDER is managed by a team of professionals who have true social spirit, self-motivation and sincere desire to ward off the disparity and allied agonies to establish an egalitarian society, which is far off from realization even after 62 years of independence.

They have earlier worked in various fields and attained perfect professionalism in their respective areas. Along the line, they have been carrying their ardent aspirations for the welfare and development of the economically and socially DEPRIVED.

AIDER – aid them as well to translate their desires into practice and satiate their social and spiritual thrust.

Today more than half the population of Delhi/NCR live in JJ clusters, slums designated areas, resettlement colonies, unauthorised and recently authorised colonies etc. which of course is not an ideal or healthy situation. Most of them working as helper/unskilled worker in Garments exports. Long working hours and forced overtime are a major concern among garment workers.


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President Message

Our main task is to provide education and employment to the community poor and impoverished by bringing education and employment for textile workers and others. We always encourage ethical code of practice in all facility. NO child and women shall be deprived from their basic right in society.