About Our Visitors

About Our Visitors

Many Dimensions and one commitment:
The philosophy of pleasure is to explore, not by logic, analysis or rationalism, not by collecting data and feeding them in computer. Find out by experiencing the flow of water, abstract capturing moments and fragrance in the breeze.
So a charming day came and Aider got the chance to welcome a pioneer. A person , who bridged gaps and shortened distance. With the help of Mr Chris Gayer Global Head COP NEXT Plc United Kingdom, started the centre for underprivileged children with us. He has the dream to help the nation by showing people that they can go further and achieve the impossible.
19th of April became a gracious day, when a Global team of Next COP from United Kingdom, China, Bangladesh came in Badarpur, New Delhi, with lots of blessings and positive vibes. Our honourable guest visited with charming personalities as Rachel, Ben, Jody, Henry, Shahidul, Aysenaz and very much appreciable Mr Vikram Asia Head and Mr Varun Country Head . Aider is thankful to get their devoting presence.
Another guests, who dedicated their precious time to our children are, Mr Anshuman from Impulse, Mr Rahman from TCNS, Ms Archana G M and Ms Shivani from Orient Craft, Ms Sandeep Kaur and Ms Khyati from NSL.
The students of Aider, exhibited a ramp show with full enthusiasm, presented two skits to disclose the work of Aider-Next and the hurdles of homeworkers.
They sang a spectacular song with beautiful voice, which displayed their positivity. One fantabulous dance performance, made the day more gorgeous. Here, we must mention our tiny tots. They recited marvellous rhymes, which made all of us dance on the show.
The children of Aider put all responsibilities on their own shoulders and anchored the show beautifully.
The students described about the hand made products of our homeworkers.
Hosts and guests both embellished the program.
Doing the right things relentlessly, this is exactly our mission. Mr Chris Gayer gave voice to every poor girl. His team became the torch bearer in crusade. This bountiful association with Aider is not lesser than a prize for Aider team.

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As human beings are social animals, it is a proven fact that the fundamental of all values in a society is ‘People helping People’. Volunteerism benefits both society at large and the individual volunteer by strengthening trust, solidarity and reciprocity among citizens, and by purposefully creating opportunities for participation.
Skilled: Doctors, Lawyers, Teacher, Scientist, industrialists and so on.
Unskilled: Who can contribute with their physical capacities.
Logical or Virtual or e-volunteering: Computer and IT professionals
Environmental: Socialites, environmentalists and so on
Take your chance and join AIDER – Show your intention to Work for the deprived people. please contact: volunteer@aiderngo.org

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