Are you simply touched and/or moved by - when you come across

1. Children having lost their childhood by having subjected to abuse and when their child rights are violated.

2. Old parents are left estranged loitering pillars and post for their Roti(food), Kapda(clothes), Makan (house), medicine and the most important in the age, a helping hand.

3. Widows are brutally deprived of their rights in a number of shapes.

4. Women are burnt alive for the greedy ritual of dowry and many more.

5. Victims of endemics and epidemics are just left crawl towards their destiny in unbearable trauma and agonies.

Do you desperately urge something to do? Do you believe that you have the power to change the world for its betterment? Do you find some constrains standing in your way as an obstacle?

Here is an instrument of fulfilment of your yet to be satiated desire – AIDER – A volunteer to your accomplishment.

Your support, especially financial support to AIDER will eventually bring reform in the life of the un- and under-privileged community of the society. Simply let your concern translate into definitive action.

Your donation will be duly recognized, credited and honoured You can Reach to AIDER through -

Donation can be made in
Cash/Cheque/DD/ NEFT/RTGS/ECS/DBT mode.

in favout of : AIDER
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 067800201050289
Bank Name : Corporation Bank
Branch : Janakpuri Branch( 0678),
Location : New Delhi, India.

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