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Embellishment Training & Work

As far as Molar bandh of south District of Delhi is concerned where a large number of migrant workers are living in poverty and misery. The women of such poor families, although possess some skill of traditional craft work such as Chicken and Zari Zardosi, they are unable to contribute anything to the livelihood of the family simply due to the fact that their skill is outdated, they do not have the means to go in for upgrading the same nor there is any initiatives from any quarters for improving their skill or provide job oriented training. Being asset less and marginalized, they do not get the patronage of any poverty allegation programmes. In this respect, AIDER propose to launch a project for providing Sustainable Employment Oriented Training on all kind of embellishments likewise Hand Embroidery to the most deserving women artisans with the goal of improving quality of their life. Aider has been working with a focused approach to meet our goals on Women Empowerment and welfare of supply chain home workers , Girl Child Education , vocational training , Health and Safety with medical camp and nutrition camp, cleanliness drives , legal counselling and liaison with other departments for exposure of home workers

Two thousand five hundred homeworkers are Associated with us at Badarpur Centre, We generate employment for these homeworkers and their families through embellishment on the fabric for international brands.

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As human beings are social animals, it is a proven fact that the fundamental of all values in a society is ‘People helping People’. Volunteerism benefits both society at large and the individual volunteer by strengthening trust, solidarity and reciprocity among citizens, and by purposefully creating opportunities for participation.
Skilled: Doctors, Lawyers, Teacher, Scientist, industrialists and so on.
Unskilled: Who can contribute with their physical capacities.
Logical or Virtual or e-volunteering: Computer and IT professionals
Environmental: Socialites, environmentalists and so on
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Skill Development-Embellishment Training & Work