Holi Celebration

Holi Celebration

A grand Holi Celebration......True to its name, Holi or Dulhandi is a festival of colours. This is a most famous and fabulous festival of India. We meet peoples near and dears and play with colors to each other, do pooja of Goddess Holi and burn holika to distroy all negetive thoughts, aliments and darkness chapters of past and move forword. Decoration is a part of diwali celebration. So Aider commemorated Holi for peace happiness, so that we can establish our Indian heritage in the heart of children. Mr V K Jha presented there with his family. He made his employees and the students of Aider to feel valuable to distribute them holi colour and sweets after a colourfull, peace full holi play with all AIDER team, supporter & Volunteer. Homeworkers and small students are also a part of his extended family. We all got the opportunity to hear his perception on humanity. He said that " time is like a river, you can not touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again, so keep on learning always and grasp the knowledge every day". His wife, kept her suggestions on clean India drive and corruption free society. It was really a day of feast and festivity. Lets take a pledge that we all Indians will celebrate this holi without perfumed colour!!!

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