Skill Development | Computer Vocational Training

Skill Development | Computer Vocational Training

As the unemployed ranks continues to swell, candidates are looking for well-placed jobs with secured atmosphere. Keeping the stability and showing the potential in jobs, computer literacy has become an essential activity. So, we are making the unprivileged girls career ready. Aider started free Six months course of Basic computer and tally with 100 % placement. It’s a big step in the underprivileged community where parents want to get their daughters married, at an early stage. Life is an ocean of opportunities. There is wisdom to identify our interests and pursuing them selectively. So our talented, vivacious girls are doing their best and waiting for the best

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Volunteers are often known as the ‘Face’ of an activity towards a social reform and the ‘Building Blocks’ of the Organizing Committee, with their selfless, and ‘we can do it’ attitude, it is easy to say than conduct a successful event of this magnitude. Stability, strength and consistency are reassured only when the blocks are placed in symmetry – horizontally and vertically – each contributing with their best to the success.

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Skill DevelopmentComputer Vocational Training