Workshop - Behavioural Session

WORKSHOP | Behavioural Session

Workshop for lower management and workers:
How intra- and inter-factory dynamics influences? How factory managers engage and interact with multi-stakeholder initiatives, highlighting the unevenness through which multi-stakeholder initiatives undertake their activities on the ground? These dynamics should be taken into account when considering relational governance as a mechanism to improve working conditions along with health and safety measures

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Volunteers are often known as the ‘Face’ of an activity towards a social reform and the ‘Building Blocks’ of the Organizing Committee, with their selfless, and ‘we can do it’ attitude, it is easy to say than conduct a successful event of this magnitude. Stability, strength and consistency are reassured only when the blocks are placed in symmetry – horizontally and vertically – each contributing with their best to the success.

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WorkshopBehavioural Session